About Us

S-Metalltech 98 Ltd (Budapest) was founded in 1998 by six Hungarian engineers. Since 2001 another Hungarian company, HP Team Ltd possesses the shares of the S-Metalltech. The   aim   of   setting   up   the  S-Metalltech Ltd   was  to   create  a  flexible  research-development-production base for the special more components materials applied mainly in the field of the power engineering. We consider as special more components materials:

  • the  two- or  more  layer  cladded   metal sheets,   strips,   wires   and   component  parts
  • the  metal-ceramic   and    metal-metal    composite    rods,   wires    and    formed   parts
  • the  metal-sheathed   ceramic  superconducting   rods,   strips,   rings   and   other  bulks

The strategy behind the setting up of the S-Metalltech Ltd was to provide a link between  the universities,  research  institutions and the industrial enterprises.  The S-Metalltech Ltd serves:

  • on  one  hand  as  a  technological  R&D  workshop  for  universities  and enterprises,
  • on the other hand as a small-scale production base for the special more components materials used in the field of electrical engineering, vehicle production, nuclear technique, etc. (In our case the small-scale production can be very economic because of the great value of the products and the applied unique techniques).

Main activities:

Research and development in the field of material sciences based on mainly the HERF (High-Energy-Rate-Forming) techniques as the explosive cladding and powder-compaction,   furthermore   the   electromagnetic   metalforming   and  powdercompaction.

Research and development of production technologies based on the HERF techniques mentioned above.

Design and building of demonstration equipment for test and education purposes.

Education and training activities in close co-operation with the Hungarian and foreign universities.

Manufacturing of novel electrical component parts using our know-hows.